The TSV Thermo Green subframes are used to thermally insulate the gap around a window or door. Made of 100% recycled PET, the TSV Thermo Green subframes stand out through their resistance to weather, very high thermal efficiency and quick and easy assembly. The TSV Thermo Green subframes can be screwed to the masonry, thus offering high stability for the PVC joinery or woodwork.
The TSV Thermo Green subframes can be integrated perfectly into the thermal insulation areas of all facade systems.
Due to the remarkable processing possibilities, the TSV Thermo Green subframes can be adapted to the dimensions requested by the clients. They are also very easy to assembly due to their reduced weight. The TSV Thermo Green subframes are attached mechanically by screwing them to the surface of the building, thus offering high stability.

Product benefits

Very good thermal insulation performance - U: 0.6 W/(m2k)

Made of 100% recycled PET

Density rating: 180 kg/m3

Quick and correct assembly due to the reduced weight and the adaptability to different dimensions

Stable shape and volume due to their high compressive strength

Increased resistance to humidity

Time saving for the client since through ease of handling and processing

Possibility of extending the profiles to any length by gluing or screwing extensions

No prior drilling required for installation

The edges of the insulation do not deteriorate thanks to the density of the material

Product certified with very high level of recycled content according to the Environmental Product Declaration ISO 14025 and EN 15804

Certified according to the standard DNVGL-CP-0084 for sandwich-type construction materials

Installation instructions

Take a look at the installation scheme, to make sure that the product is working at the optimal parameters. For any questions, please contact us.
TSV Thermo Green